Private permissioned blockchains, triple-entry accounting ledger systems, digital asset issuance & management, and smart contract design. We can design on-chain, sidechain, or distributed off-chain solutions to information challenges.

Asset Issuance

We produce end-to-end solutions from asset-issuance to data entry system to autonomous trading platform, concluding with complete auditing, reports and business management through a state of the art web application.


We have designed and built high performance, highly-distributed storage and retrieval systems using Elixir/Erlang, Apache Cassandra, Redis Cluster, and React.


We consult on cyber-security and compliance challenges related to distributed systems.

IT Strategy

We will meet with your strategists. We'll listen to your needs, your goals, your current plans, your known shortcomings and work with you to identify ways forward that mitigate the risks and provide better ROIs.

Disaster Recovery

Sure "backups" have become more ubiquitous with hosting solutions, but how where is the backup specifically? How will it be recovered? By who? When things take a turn for the worse, you want all everyone trained on the right thing.